Welcome to CaliforniaQuads!  Here you’ll find frames and parts designed myself, Ken Loo, AKA  FlyingBear.  I design these frames for myself to compete with and hope you will enjoy them as well!

Free shipping on orders over $100, use coupon code “shipping” during checkout.  We are currently only delivering to the USA.  If you’re an international customer, please try shopping with one of our distributors: FPVHeadquarters, PitchRollYaw, and PiroFlipRC


  • Red Panda frames are back in stock!
  • HobbyWing Combos are back in stock!
  • We’re working on stocking propellers and VTX equipment

Product Announcements

  • We now carry HobbyWing electronics!
  • 7075Al, 2205-2550kv lightweight motors are available
  • Check out the Red Panda Combo if you’re looking to build a new racing rig

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