Red Panda


Red Panda (FB-02): a lean mean racing machine

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  1. Product Features
  • stretched, lightweight racing frame designed for competition
  • balanced mid-mount battery
  • optimized for racing performance and neutral handling
  • easy to maintain
  • dual velcro strap design
  • swappable arms.  Remove two screws from the bottom of the quad and arms can be swapped out in minutes.
  • adjustable camera mount ~20-60 degrees
  • flexible VTX antenna mount.  Protect your SMA connectors!
  • “air mounts”, mechanical isolation for your flight controller

Kit Contents (Camera is not included)

  • qty 4, 4mm or 5mm carbon fiber arms
  • 2.0mm carbon fiber top and bottom plates
  • 1.5mm carbon fiber bottom brace
  • 3d printed camera mount, antenna mount
  • qty 4, m3x15 aluminum standoffs
  • qty 12, m3x8 stainless steel screws
  • qty 4, m3x14 stainless steel screws
  • arms are compatible with FB-01
  • 5mm arm kits come with longer screws


  • frame mass (as photographed with TPU and fasteners) = 85g
  • motor to motor vertical=170mm
  • motor to motor horizontal=148.5mm

Build Requirements

  • This build has a medium level of difficulty due to the short 15mm stack.  Please cut all thick wires to length and avoid overlapping wires.
  • Pigtail VTX (TBS Unify pro recommended)
  • Runcam Micro Swift or Foxeer Arrow Micro
  • PDB with +/- pads for each ESC, do not overlap thick wires
  • Known compatible 4in1: Spedix 40a, DYS 30A, Cicadia 20A, HobbyWing30A

FlyingBear’s Build (Video Below)

  • California Quads 2205-2550kv motors
  • Hobbywing 4in1 and F4 flight controller
  • HQ 5048 props
  • TBS unify pro race edition vtx
  • Runcam Micro Swift V2

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Arm Thickness

4mm, 5mm

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